Chiminea Specific Questions 


Do they need assembling?

No! Simply remove your Chiminea from its box, place it in your desired location and you are good to go! Our Chimineas are fully welded frames so there is no flatpack and bolting together.

Dimensions - How big are the Chimineas?

Height - 1250mm

Front facing width - 750mm

Triangle Depth (right angle) - 520mm

Back of Chiminea to front - 350mm

Weight Approx. 30kg

The Chiminea's are 4ft tall, there sleek geometric design allows them to fit into nearly any space!

What fuel should I use?

Our fires are designed to be external log/wood fuel fires, Charcoal BBQ briquettes will also be perfectly ok to burn.

Where do I put Chiminea?

Our chimineas have three steel legs which elevate it 1cm from the ground, this prevents any direct contact with your surface. However, our recommendation is that you place it on a non-flammable surface at all times and take the necessary fire prevention precautions.

Can I leave my Chiminea outside all year round?

Yes! Our Chimineas are built from high strength structural weathering steel, they are designed to stand up in all conditions.

The big advantage of a solid steel Chiminea is there is no risk of cracking and ice damage like you may get from a Ceramic/Stone Chiminea.

Do they come in different sizes?

No – A lot of thought and design went into this and we are confident we have the optimum size for a Chiminea. Tt stands at a very proud 1.25m (4ft) tall which allows you build the fire up with a lot of logs, and really crank up the heat. The slimline shallow depth of the Chiminea means it will fit into nearly all spaces and environments.

How do I clean my Chiminea?

We have designed the Chiminea with simple and easy cleaning in mind. The Chiminea has a base tray with a handle to allow you to lift and remove and dispose of the ash directly into your bin. It goes without saying to only clean and empty your Chiminea once it has fully cooled with no risk of ash/embers still burning. There will be a small amount of ash that inevitably can drop into the base of the Chiminea which can simply be swept or dusted away.

Where are the Chimineas manufactured?

We are proud to manufacture all of our products here in the UK. All of our products are manufactured between our two facilities in Liverpool and Stoke on Trent.