Screen Specific


How long does it take to install a screen?

If installing/hanging on a fence or a wall it will take around 10-15 mins to hang the simple wall mounting kit. Please see our installation guide. If installing in the ground on posts, the process will take around 30 mins to dig your two holes out and fix the 6 simple screws in the screen. Please see out installation guide.

Can I install my Screens on a slope? Or does the ground have to be flat?

Our screens are designed with plain posts with no fixed hole positions. We use self drilling steel screws. Each screen has three holes positioned at the top middle and bottom of the screen. You can simply position your posts on the step/slope and just drill the screen to the posts where it needs to go.

Can I install the screen horizontally or vertically?

Yes! We have designed our universal fixing bracket so it simply fixes to the screen and the fence, it can be hung horizontally or vertically.

What’s in the wall mounting kit?

6 brackets and screws to easily fix your screen to a brick wall or fence.

What size are the screens?

Our screens are all a standard size. They are 1.8m tall x 1.1m wide. They have a leg/fold depth of 5cm, this is used to install the screens simply between posts, or by using our universal hanging brackets. Please see our installation guide…

Are there other sizes available? Our screens come in a standard height of 1.8m/6ft to sit in line with a standard fence panel. When you start to go above 6ft you have to take into consideration planning permission when using as a fence etc. For this reason we stuck with 6ft x 3.5ft.

Where are the products manufactured?

We are proud to manufacture all of our products here in the UK. All of our products are manufactured between our two facilities in Liverpool and Stoke on Trent.

How are the products made?

With great love and care is the answer. All of our products are manufactured from high grade Weathering Steel (also known as Corten). We laser cut our products on the Rolls Royce of lasers the German made Trumpf machines. Once laser cut they are then folded on our high powered steel press. Products that require welding are then hand welded in our Stoke on Trent factory.

What is Corten?

Corten is a Weathering Steel, Corten resists the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, fog, by forming a coating of Orange – to dark brown oxidation over the metal, this prevents deeper penetration. In simple terms the steel is allowed to rust and that rust forms a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion. The famous Angel of the North Sculpture is made from Corten, it still looks the same today as it did 20 years ago. Corten is now used in bridge building and skyscraper construction due to its high strength and weather resistance.

How long will it take my screen to turn to its orange and red colour?

This process normally takes a matter of weeks/months in the normal weather. However this can be quickly accelerated using one of the following products. Or by using a salt and water mix in a spray bottle, the process will only take 24-48 hours this way.

Will the rust run off the screen and stain my fence/wall/floor?

During the first couple of weeks of weathering there will be a small run off of rust. This can be simply wiped/washed off your surface. Once the initial oxidisation process has taken place the screen will seal itself.